Concrete is the second most used material after water because it is available, versatile and durable. As such, the industry has a unique opportunity to meaningfully cut emissions – given the scale of use – while better adapting cities for the realities of climate change.

West Coast-based cement and concrete producer CalPortland is reducing emissions both at the cement plant and during the concrete production phase.

Transportation is one of the major sources of emissions in the U.S., and that includes the machinery used to move products such as concrete from the plant to the job site. The PCA Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality envisions reducing concrete and cement transportation CO2 emissions by 50%. CalPortland is doing its part to accomplish that goal by investing in 118 “Near-Zero Emission” compressed-natural gas ready mix trucks and 24 bulk hauler trucks, all powered by renewable natural gas.

CalPortland continues its commitment to producing energy-efficient, sustainable materials. The production of low carbon cement while utilizing CNG powered transportation are both key solutions to helping CalPortland achieve our carbon reduction goals.

Allen Hamblen
CalPortland President/CEO

Collaboration is key to reducing emissions across the value chain, and in this sector CalPortland is proud to be making a difference.