Furthering its sustainability goals, Buzzi Unicem USA is investing in renewable energy, fostering research into new technologies and placing a ‘sustainability mindset’ at the forefront.

Using renewable energy is key to cutting CO2 emissions. Alamo Cement Company, Buzzi Unicem’s plant in San Antonio, Texas, has installed a 10-megawatt DC capacity solar panel farm, allowing the plant to reduce its power use from the grid. As such, Alamo Cement is cutting CO2 emissions significantly.

Additionally, at a flagship plant in Italy, Buzzi Unicem is investing in research to develop carbon-reducing technology. At-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage technology is still limited, but once it is more efficient, it can be replicated at other plants, including those in the U.S.

Throughout the company, there are many projects large and small underway to increase efficiency and cut emissions. Buzzi Unicem is committed to reducing CO2 emissions at all facilities. For example, shifting to increase the use of alternative fuels and optimizing the clinker to cement ratio are currently being pursued.

Through several innovations and implementation of a supply chain wide code of conduct, Buzzi Unicem USA is able to make a substantial difference in the fight against climate change. By using technology in Buzzi Unicem plants across the world, CO2 emissions will decrease, helping the industry reach its goal of carbon neutrality.