Why Carbon Neutral Now?

Recent events have made clear that we need the structures and roads that make up our cities to do more. We need resilient infrastructure that meets the demands of the future – sustainability, circularity and climate adaptation.

On behalf of the industry, PCA has developed a Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, which identifies the targets, timelines, technologies, and supporting policies needed to achieve and potentially accelerate this goal.

Where Is Cement Used?

Cement and concrete are the foundations of our cities.

Where is Cement Used

Growing cities mean the demand for cement and concrete continues and increases over time.

The cement and concrete industry is embarking on an ambitious journey to enact changes to the value chain, ensuring that concrete is also a sustainable solution for the future.

The Importance of Collaboration Across the Industry

Concrete made with the key ingredient cement is the most widely used man-made product in the world. The cement and concrete industry is positioned to help society meet tomorrow’s challenges by delivering infrastructure that can adapt to the realities of climate change while also being produced with lower net emissions. Stakeholders must work together along the value chain to ensure that we are building in a way that is truly sustainable.

PCA and its member companies have been working with industry peers, academic institutions, researchers, government agencies and non-governmental organizations to help in this mission.